Organizing Yourself

The problem that most people have with their lives is that they see the different areas of their lives as being disorganized rather than seeing where the true problem lies. The first place to look when organizing your life is inside yourself because you cannot keep to an organized lifestyle if you, yourself, are not in the right mind-set. I want to concentrate on your attitude toward the clothes that you wear. You may see these as being “who” you are, although who you are is much more complex than this. This superficial layer is what other people see first, so it does count to a certain degree although you may have noticed people that can wear anything and still look stunning while others struggle to show themselves off at their best through their choice of clothing.

Below, we will look at the whole situation, rather than simply giving you generic instructions about organizing your closet. If you miss out on the essential part of the organizational process – which is your mind-set and your approach – you will never stick to your minimalist peace of mind. You have to understand that less is always going to be more, and I would suggest that you take time out before you tackle your closet to change your mind-set forever. 

When it comes to clothing, your mind-set may be based upon what you see as society norms. You associate different clothing with different events because the dress code teaches you that. You wouldn’t wear your jogging clothes to the office, and you wouldn’t wear your office clothes for jogging. Thus, you already have very set ideas about the purpose that your clothes should be used for. You also understand a little about fabrics and how these need to be cleaned. You may see washing as a chore and may even find yourself hating ironing, but changing your whole attitude can help considerably. For example, when you have finished clearing out your wardrobe, you will take great pride in looking after the items of clothing that are there to give you joy. It’s like giving that joy back, and your change of attitude will make doing that a pleasure. You will choose fabrics that function well for you as well as keeping items in your closet that really do show you off at your best. 

You know your own shape, and you also know your weaknesses. However, if you start from the bare essentials, you can make yourself happier with who you are and how you present yourself. It’s not about the size of that is shown on your bra. It’s about whether it fits you well and gives you wonderful support and comfort. Stop living your life trying to impress people, and start to please your body and make it feel loved. Wearing clothing that is too tight is never going to help you to see the benefits of less being more. However, when you do change your mind-set and embrace who you are, you won’t inflict tight and uncomfortable clothing on yourself. Instead, you will wear the clothes that you decide to keep with a wonderful sense of them being an extension of your character and your style. 

If you take a look into your closet, you will find there a reflection of who you are. If the clothes are all crumpled together, and there is no space, imagine what that says about who you are! 

If your closet is composed of items that are random, and you have some clothes that fit you well and some that don’t, this says that your personality is mixed up as well, and you can’t really go forward in your life because all of this clutter is stopping you from doing so. The reason that I place such a high emphasis on YOU instead of your closet is because seeing the full picture will allow you to declutter in a more effective way. You will know with every item that you get rid of; you are adjusting yourself so that you yourself are less random and cluttered. You can see this as a way to change your life forever if you can get yourself into the right mind-set.

It’s all about accepting who you are and knowing that if you change, there are positive rewards waiting for you. Instead of thinking of this as a chore, think of it as liberation because that’s exactly what it is. Let go of the guilt. Let go of the hesitation, and start to move in a more positive direction in your life as that’s when everything changes, even the game plan that wasn’t really as solid as you thought it was. You can do it, and every human being on this earth can do it. For the time being, all that I suggest is that you acknowledge who you are and your need to change, because that makes you more likely to succeed. If you were to try to attack the decluttering process half-heartedly, the chances are that you would only get through part of it before reverting to your old ways again. Now it’s time to acknowledge it’s out with the old you and in with the new!

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