Transform Your Life with Your Thoughts

Norman Vincent Peale, an author and a popular proponent of positive thoughts, said you simply need to change your thoughts to change your world. What you think is what you become. What you think is what happens in your life. Positive, happy, and optimistic thoughts add an energetic zing to your life compelling you into action while pessimistic, sad, and negative thoughts force you to stay in bed and become a lazy lout. 

Our actions are but the physical manifestations of our thoughts. Therefore, to bring in happiness and fulfillment into your life, simply change your thoughts to happy and optimistic ones. Here are some tips to help you transform your life for the better simply by changing the way you think.

Create Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are like prayers or mantras. They have a spiritual and sacred force that draws the universe towards themselves so that they become manifest. Positive affirmations should be powerful, substantive, forceful, and normative, meaning they should contain words like, “’I should,’” ‘“I must,’” ‘“I will,’” “’I can,’” etc. As thoughts drive action, these positive affirmations will drive your body and organs to act in such a way that they come true. 

Learn to Stop Thinking about the Past

Past mistakes are important lessons for us. Pick up the lessons and move on. If you keep dwelling on these thoughts, your progress is sure to be halted. If you keep mulling over how other people have treated you badly despite loving and standing by them during their needs, you are doing nothing productive but wallowing in baseless self-pity. It is important to learn to stop thinking too much about the past and move ahead in life with positive thoughts and ideas.

Stop Being Masochistic 

Many of us love the pleasure of pain. We love to say these things to ourselves:

  • I am no good
  • I deserve nothing 
  • I am unlucky
  • If I started a business of shrouds, then people are going to stop dying

Get out of these wasteful thoughts. Such thoughts not only harm your mind but can also affect your body negatively.

Be Grateful and Count Your Joys 

Most people take their blessings and joys for granted. They focus on what they don’t have and forget about what they have been blessed with. Always avoid this attitude. If you are going through a bad patch, think of those who are more unfortunate than you, or think of a situation that could have been worse than it is now. 

For example, if you have hurt your knee, you should be grateful that your leg was spared. Always see the half-filled glass with happiness at having it at least filled with half and with a steely resolve to fill up the empty half. Gratitude helps you unlock the fullness of life and converts what you have in ample amounts into more amounts. The more you are grateful, the more you are blessed. Count your joys, show gratitude, and take your focus off negativities.

Enjoy Your Achievements 

You worked hard to achieve your goals, and when you achieve them, sit back for a while and savour the joy of achievement. You should focus on two things in your life; one is to work hard and get what you want, and when you get it, then savour its joy. 

Stand Tall and Happy Even in Adverse Conditions

Most people are happy when they achieve success, but during adverse conditions, they become morose and depressed. This is not allowed if you want to change your thoughts to permanently positive ones. Always have happy thoughts irrespective of how your life is going. Even in adverse conditions, keep your spirits high, and take on the challenges of life happily and with gusto. 

Be Joyful in the Present

Don’t say to yourself you will be happy when such a thing occurs. Don’t associate your sense of contentment with something or some event in the future. Find that contentment in the present moment. Postpone your sadness to a future time, by which time anyway that sadness is going to disappear. Happiness is for the present moment because yesterday is past, and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Be joyful in the present.

You Control Your Moods 

Don’t allow your moods to control you. Don’t allow external circumstances and other people around you to decide how your mood should be. Instead, make yourself happy, independent of what is happening with you or around you. You should choose to be happy instead of allowing happiness to choose you. You choose not to be sad instead of allowing sadness to choose you. If a loved one has ditched you, tell yourself that if the other person can be happy without you, then so can you.

Wake up with a Resolve to Remain Happy throughout the Day

As soon as you wake up in the morning, take a resolve that you will be happy throughout the day. Create a positive affirmation to this effect, and repeat it in the morning every day. It could be something like, ‘“I will be happy throughout the day.’” Spend some time with nature. Go for a walk in the park. Sit on a bench, and hear the birds sing. Watch them fly high in the sky. As soon as you sense some kind of oncoming trouble, resolve to remain calm. Being calm and happy is a duty you owe to yourself.

Treat Your Body with the Respect It Deserves

Your body is like a temple. Nourish it well, keep it clean and tidy, and ventilate it well. Don’t allow negative thoughts to rot in your system. Don’t dump junk foods that are highly toxic into your beautiful body system. If you are mentally and/or physically sick, you cannot remain happy. 

There is a powerfully close relationship between your mind and body, and it is imperative that the latter is kept healthy and strong for the former to reap the benefits. Exercise well, eat nutritious food, and get sufficient sleep so that your body is ready to take on challenges that life throws at it. 

Make Meditation a Habit in Your Life

Meditation does not have to be something complex with some mantra in an incomprehensible language. It could be something as simple as going through the day’s activities and making notes of all the good things that happened and sending a note of gratitude to the universe. 

Meditation could mean simply watching how the breath enters and leaves your body through the nostrils. When your thoughts wander, gently bring them back to the inhalation-exhalation mechanism, and feel the breath going to every nook and corner of your body. 

When you meditate, your heart rate and breath rate reduce to the resting level creating harmony and peace for your body and mind, which, in turn, leaves you with happy, positive, and contented thoughts.

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