Interchangeable Skill Sets

Crossover Roles

The Department for Education’s Employer Skills Survey 2019 reports that in 2019 the Construction Sector spent £4,370 per trainee and £2,290 per employee (page 89 of 115) and that  53% over half of the industry reported, that one of the main barriers that the industry reported is the inability to provide more training due to time and lack of funds Employer Skills Survey 2019: Training and Workforce Development ( (page 101 of 115). 

It is for this reason, through the first phase of recruitment screening, the Quantum Evolve is able to help identify candidates who already hold a vast range of skills both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills which mean they become a double-edged sword from the very first day they start with our client, as they have the ability to be able to move across a range of different roles within the Employer’s business. 

One of the most unique abilities of the Quantum Evolve is its ability to recognise crossover and interchangeable roles. The Quantum Evolve team has vast experience in being able to identify individuals that are adaptable and interchangeable for roles. In a time where Clients want longevity with their candidates and employee retention is key, similarly, candidates want to be able to expand, grow and develop their skill set.

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    The Quantum evolve is able to recognise, identify and bring to the forefront candidates’ transferable skills and abilities, that is both objective and interpersonal which are both key to having a successful business. We are able to identify candidates that have:

    • Critical Thinking and Analysis
    • Teamwork and collaboration 
    • Proactiveness and resourcefulness
    • Clear Communication, including active listening. 
    • Interchangeable hard skill sets 

    Recruitment Screening

    The Quantum Evolve is able to carry out first phase recruitment screening, therefore saving time and money with our client.  We diligently screen every single recruitment candidate before recommending it to our client. We pride ourselves on the high-quality calibre of individuals we are able to provide.

    STEP 1 – BASIC REQUIREMENTS including reviewing qualifications and experience. 

    STEP 2 – DEEP CANDIDATE SCREENING – including giving real time live project/assignment questions

    STEP 3 – COMPLIMENTING- the Candidate to the environment, including reviewing the company culture with the candidate’s own moral values in order to gain a deep understanding of the candidate and also the client’s culture to envision how they will work together. 

    STEP 4 – OBTAINING –  written references/background checks.

    The Quantum Evolve provides individuals for the following specialist sectors:

    Construction/ Infrastructure 

    • Project Coordinator
    • Project Director 
    • Project Manager
    • General Operatives 
    • Tilers
    • Scaffolders
    • Carpenters
    • Site Manager
    • Section Engineer
    • Sub Agent
    • Agent
    • Cost Engineer
    • Planner/Programmer 
    • Forensic Delay Analyst
    • Adjudicator 
    • Health and Safety Manager
    • Office Manager

    Real Estate 

    • Quantity Surveyor
    • Building Surveyor
    • Commercial Manager

    Technical Services

    • Engineering Manager
    • O & M Author
    • Document Controllers
    • Package Assembler

    The Quantum Evolve is here to provide high calibre, enthusiastic, hardworking, conscientious individuals to clients, whilst recognising that human emotions have no logic and the complexities of the human mind is not always balanced. We, therefore, aim to facilitate individuals to reach their best self in order to help both candidate and client thrive in business, by providing educational mental health resources and support.


    The Quantum Evolve, Professional Recruitment Consultancy Practice, Advocates of Mental Health & Wellbeing


    The Quantum Evolve, Resources, Mental Health Wellbeing


    The Quantum Evolve, Professional Recruitment Consultancy Practice, Advocates of Mental Health & Wellbeing


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