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We are excited to be forerunners in bridging the gap between providing professionals in the workplace and also offering a mental health support service to help support individuals and companies in managing the mental health of their employees.

As relayed in ‘The Quantum Evolve Story’ on our ‘About’ page, we emphasize the fact that mental health affects everybody and is not a respecter of positions or job titles. It is for this reason that the Quantum Evolve, thrives on our values and behaviours, otherwise known as:


Encouragement. Value. Optimism. Loyalty. Versatility. Empathy


  • Encourage and reassure individuals to discover the choices they have to experience their best life.
  • Recognise individuals’ ability to thrive by building confidence and self esteem therefore reducing absenteeism and increasing creativity and productivity. 


  • Recognising an individual’s achievements and the potential for them to add value to a prospective client.
  • Understand an individual’s work ethic and motive and how it can create value for an organisation and momentum for themselves to progress to the next level.
  • Recognising individuals’ interchangeable skill sets and the potential for them to carry out crossover roles and tasks, boosting the next stage of their career path.


  • We endorse a hopeful and positive style to candidates no matter what their background as we believe that workplace optimism helps candidates foster stronger work relationships.
  • We also understand that being optimistic is an emotion that is contagious and can help reduce stress which is why our mental health support helps promote this sentiment.


      • We establish and define clear goals and outcomes with our clients and candidates as we believe in long-term relationships, which is why it is important that the integrity of both individuals and clients is important to us. 
      • We look for candidates that are intrinsically motivated and dedicated as we believe they will always go the extra mile to do better.


      • We look for candidates that have interchangeable skill sets to promote adaptability, resourcefulness and versatility. 
      • We believe in getting the most of an individual’s skills in order to maximise value to our client.


      • We pride ourselves in ‘active listening’ to understand both client and candidates’ requirements. 
      • We understand that emotional intelligence is key in order to create a culture of understanding, better communication and rapport.

      As mentioned earlier, whilst the Quantum Evolve provides clients with professional individuals to help build the success of their company, we also provide a well-being service to help companies combat the never-ending cycle of life’s pressures be it; Anxiety, Grief, Insomnia, Self Esteem, Confusion etc. 

      In addition, the Quantum Evolve also regularly provides a number of free resources and webinars to aid people in becoming courageous in taking the first step in managing their issues. By no means do we discount the fact that professional help should be sought, but instead our intention is to act as the needle being placed on the start of the vinyl on a record player.  

      In HSE’s annual report for ‘Work-related stress, anxiety or depression statistics in Great Britain 2021’, it was shown that there was an estimated 822,000 workers affected by work related stress, depression and anxiety https://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/stress.pdf.  One of the Quantum Evolves primary missions is to encourage and help individuals to start the process of taking control of their lives. As each person’s story unravels, it may be that they may require medical practitioner advice or seek professional counselling, we fully support and encourage this. However, we aim to raise individuals’ awareness of their own ‘self’, to encourage them on the journey of self-discovery about their emotions and how to address them, so they can continue to live their best life.

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