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We are a team of professionals in the Construction industry with over 20 years of experience. Having spent a number of years dealing with agencies in the industry, we found there was a lack of awareness, knowledge and depth of not only how the industry was actually managed and administered, but that there was a severe deficiency in the understanding of emotional intelligence of prospective candidates.  

We saw too often the influx of individuals ‘parachuted’ into roles that were not in alignment with the proposed companies ‘values and even the individual’s own character, integrity and experience.  As a result, this simple ‘mismatch’ caused unnecessary absenteeism and low productivity output. 

We at the Quantum Evolve were foot soldiers on the ground, we trudged through the mud, and have been tested mentally and so we believe who better to move into recruitment than people who know what it is to be workhorses, who know how to not only self-motivated, but also perceive, monitor and understand others’ emotions and empower them to take control of their emotional intelligence in order to live their best life. As the famous John Donne said ‘No Man is an Island’.

Having witnessed several times that mental health is not a respecter of positions or job titles, the Quantum Evolve not only provides high-caliber candidates to clients, but we also provide a mental health support service to aid and support individuals and companies manage the mental health of their employees. 

We believe that a team is made up of people, people are made up of emotions and so it is no longer acceptable to disregard the mental well-being of individuals and advocate it once a month. The complexity of the human mind cannot be separated from the person…and so, the Quantum Evolve story begins…

Why Mental Health Wellbeing is so Important to the Quantum Evolve…

The Office of National Statistics reports that Construction has the highest suicide rate by occupation.

We have witnessed dozens of times in this industry the high levels of stress, anxiety, unease and angst experienced by individuals.  It is not enough for recruitment agencies to place candidates and forget about them. We provide a free mental health service of support, both in-house and also offer a number of mental health wellbeing services to companies who wish to see their people thrive and succeed. 

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 We also offer a number of wellbeing services to support our Client’s business.


✔ Helping Clients understand that embracing the individual is embracing them ‘whole’ and you cannot separate emotions from the workplace.

✔ The Quantum Evolve helps facilitate the improvement of mental wellbeing in individuals, which in turn boosts their engagement in the workplace, contributing towards a better company culture, which then helps our clients retain staff, as well as attract new talent.

✔ The Quantum Evolve provides support and regular resources to help candidates unlock their full potential by assisting, guiding and aiding them with their mental health, so they can feel empowered to deal with their emotions.

✔ The Quantum Evolve provides sources of support for individuals’ well-being including, alcohol, drugs, gambling, grief, and debt.


Encouragement. Value. Optimism. Loyalty. Versatility. Empathy


  • Encourage and reassure individuals to discover the choices they have to experience their best life.
  • Recognise individuals’ ability to thrive by building confidence and self esteem therefore reducing absenteeism and increasing creativity and productivity. 


  • Recognising an individual’s achievements and the potential for them to add value to a prospective client.
  • Understand an individual’s work ethic and motive and how it can create value for an organisation and momentum for themselves to progress to the next level.
  • Recognising individuals’ interchangeable skill sets and the potential for them to carry out crossover roles and tasks, boosting the next stage of their career path.


  • We endorse a hopeful and positive style to candidates no matter what their background as we believe that workplace optimism helps candidates foster stronger work relationships.
  • We also understand that being optimistic is an emotion that is contagious and can help reduce stress which is why our mental health support helps promote this sentiment.


  • We establish and define clear goals and outcomes with our clients and candidates as we believe in long-term relationships, which is why it is important that the integrity of both individuals and clients is important to us. 
  • We look for candidates that are intrinsically motivated and dedicated as we believe they will always go the extra mile to do better.


  • We look for candidates that have interchangeable skill sets to promote adaptability, resourcefulness and versatility. 
  • We believe in getting the most of an individual’s skills in order to maximise value to our client.


  • We pride ourselves in ‘active listening’ to understand both client and candidates’ requirements. 
  • We understand that emotional intelligence is key in order to create a culture of understanding, better communication and rapport.

The Quantum Evolve is here to provide high calibre, enthusiastic, hardworking, conscientious individuals to clients, whilst recognising that human emotions have no logic and the complexities of the human mind is not always balanced. We, therefore, aim to facilitate individuals to reach their best self in order to help both candidate and client thrive in business, by providing educational mental health resources and support.


The Quantum Evolve, Professional Recruitment Consultancy Practice, Advocates of Mental Health & Wellbeing


The Quantum Evolve, Resources, Mental Health Wellbeing


The Quantum Evolve, Professional Recruitment Consultancy Practice, Advocates of Mental Health & Wellbeing


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 NLP Consultancy, specialising in Smoking and Substance Abuse and  advocates of general Mental Health & Wellbeing.